2007.006.073 Oral History Interview with Frances M. Tong, Part 3
Frances M. Tong is the sister of Hazel Ying Lee, a Chinese American female aviator who served in the WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) program during World War II. In this portion of the interview, Frances discusses various topics in relation to Hazel, including her immigration and that of her siblings to Hong Kong, her stance on office work versus homemaking, the difficulty Chinese American women had with breaking into office professions and working outside the home, the different roles in a Chinese family, and her admiration for her sister, Hazel. This interview is part of the Hazel Ying Lee & Frances M. Tong Collection and was conducted as part of the research and making of the documentary film, A Brief Flight: Hazel Ying Lee and the Women Who Flew Pursuit (2002), directed by Alan Rosenberg.

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