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2018.034.004 Oral History Interview with Cindy Lobach

This oral history focuses on People of the Golden Vision’s treasurer and founding member Cindy Lobach, as she reflects on the role of the paper sculptures in the Golden Venture detainees’ eventual release. She discusses how the sculptures have ended up in many unexpected places, which speaks to their lasting cultural impact. Lobach reflects on how the detainment of the Golden Venture refugees and their beautiful artwork changed their supporters and the people of York. She also discusses how the creation of these paper sculptures gave the detainees hope for a better future. Lobach describes these refugees’ difficulties adapting to York and the racist attitudes many people have towards immigrants. She hopes that visitors to the exhibit will be come to understand that many immigrants who come to the United States undocumented do so because they are fleeing persecution and there is no other choice for them. She hopes the exhibit will show the potential of art to change lives.

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2018.034.005 Oral History Interview with Jeff Lobach July 9, 2017

This oral history focuses on Jeff Lobach, who was President of the Pennsylvania Bar Association at the time of the Golden Venture. He organized the lawyers who were trained for the purpose of defending the detainees of the Golden Venture. He speaks about his experience as a lawyer at the time, and how he faced frustrating rulings and resistance from the Justice Department. He worked to spread awareness about the Golden Venture at the time and discusses the significance of art and the sculptures in the movement. He also talks about how his personal life has been enriched by each of the asylum seekers whom he has defended as a lawyer.