West Point, Hong Kong, California, Washington DC, US Army, Chinese exclusion, military tactics
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2018.033.003 The Family Journey of General Wen Ying Hsing

Harriet Tung, the grand daughter of Lt. General Ying Hsing Wen, discusses life of her grandfather life and his lasting legacy. Lt. Gen. Ying Tsing Wen (b. 1887), MOCA 2018 Legacy Awards Gala honoree, enriched the U.S. China relationship as a critical time given what seemed to be irreparable damage caused by the Boxer Rebellion. After becoming the first Asian graduate of West Point Military Academy in 1909, he returned to China and served in military and civilian positions in the Republican government. His life in the U.S. began representing China as a cadet at West point but his experience there undoubtedly shaped his outlook as he did his part to change China from a feudal to modern country.