Racially mixed people
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2008.041.007 Oral History Interview with Roger Brue McHayle

Roger Brue McHayle bold, iconic tags cemented his street reputation as original and fearless in 1990s New York blossoming graffiti movement. Brooklyn born and bred, McHayle, upon graduation from The Cooper Union, founded the pioneering, urban clothing line, PNB Nation, with his multicultural street crew. Today, McHayle resides in Portland with his family and is an executive at Nike. McHayle, of mixed Chinese and Jamaican roots, grew up in Brooklyn, New York in a predominantly African American community. He lived in a single-family home with his mother, who played a crucial role in helping him embrace his heritage. His Chinese grandparents did not speak much English, but he would frequently celebrate Chinese New Year with them. McHayle soon developed an interest in graffiti art, which allowed him to creatively express himself. He attended the High School of Art and Design, where he connected with students from various backgrounds with a common desire for self-expression. With his peers, he created a graffiti crew called PNB Nation, inspired by the idea of being yourself. This idea extended to their clothing and business, which incorporated their diverse backgrounds and identities.