Immigration to the United States
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2022.056.002 The Family Journey of Wan Sang Nee and Ah Mei Nee

In this oral history, Wan Sang Nee and Ah Mei Nee share their family’s immigration story. The Nees married in Hong Kong, later immigrated to the U.S., raised two children, and sponsored members of their extended family to come to the United States. During the interview, Wan Sang Nee describes how he jumped ship as a seaman and stayed in America with encouragement from his wife’s cousin who was already in the U.S. He later brought wife and daughter to America, and helped sponsor the immigration of many relatives. He also talks about hi s activities and contributions to the San Kiang Association as one of its early members. His wife, Ah Mei Nee, joins him to discuss a few photographs they brought with them, including the first photo taken of the family after arriving in the U.S., wedding and traveling pictures. She expresses particular pride in how successful she thought her daughter and grandchildren are. They conclude with advice they would give their grandchildren and wish that they would maintain their Chinese cultural heritage and not forget their roots.