Guangzhou (China), Virginia., World War II, 1939-1945, New York., New Jersey, Shanghai (China), Georgia., Maryland.
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2015.048.015 The Family Journey of Theodore Chao

Theodore Chao, born in Shanghai, China, immigrated to Virginia and grew up in Hampton at a young age. He begins the interview by sharing his connection to the MOCA which he was first introduced to by his mother. He continues to speak of his mother colorful upbringing as a Virginia native of Toisan heritage and touches on her educational background in NYC where she met his father. He describes his father tumultuous journey, escaping reeducation camp in Guangdong, eventually reuniting with his family in America. he recounts his life growing up in Virginia. He talks about his uncle Ernest, who served in the US army and was in Nanjing during the end of WWII. Theodore and his family story ends with his reflection on his children experience growing up Chinese American in Summit, New Jersey. He finishes with several anecdotes about maintaining a connection with his Chinese roots, the language, and the tight knit personal relationships that have shaped his and his family experiences.