Chinese--Food, China, Hubei Sheng (China), Restaurants, Restaurant management, Immigrant business enterprises, Virginia, Tennessee, Washington (D.C.)
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2016.037.002 Oral History Interview with Peter and Lisa Chang 2015/07/05

Peter Chang is a chef and restauranteur who owns and operates a series of restaurants in the D.C. area, including Peter Chang Café, Peter Chang’s China Café, Q by Peter Chang, and the most recent Mama Chang. In the interview, Mr. Chang speaks about his incredible journey from his childhood in rural Hubei, his time in culinary school, his success as a chef in China, how he came to America, and how he survived then thrived in America, eventually garnering media attention in the US from reputable magazines and newspapers. He shares not only his stories but also knowledge about cooking styles and restaurant operations, expressing his continued pursuit of innovation and growth of Chinese food in Americas food and drink industry.