AT&T, Columbia University, engineering, finance, Yale University
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2015.048.005 The Family Journey of Mynoon Doro

Mynoon F. Doro, born in Kaohsiung Taiwan, immigrated to Bay Ridge Brooklyn as a junior in high school with her family. She begins by sharing her experience with the English school system and the discrimination she faced when applying to college. Despite her guidance counselor’s doubts, Mynoon and her brother gained admission to Columbia University where they both majored in engineering. She continues her story where she attends graduate school at Yale and begins working abroad for AT&T. Throughout her story, her father’s desire for her to get married is prevalent, leading to her marriage to “genius” of non-Asian ancestry. Mrs. Doro’s personal journey intertwines with her professional journey where she makes sacrifices in her home to become a notable woman in her industry both in the United States and in China.