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2015.048.002 The Family Journey of Fay Chew Matsuda

This oral history interviewed Fay Chew Matsuda, director of the City Hall Senior Center, a division of the Hamilton-Madison House, and her life story. Fay grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan as the first generation Chinese-American girl born to immigrant parents. Fay would describe herself as a nurturing environment with parents who never pressured her to succeed and instilled in her values of the importance of family and togetherness, and respectation. Fay attended the elite Hunter High School, at the time an all-girls school, and went on to continue her education at the prestigious Barnard College. Fresh out of college she pursued a life of social work that took her from the Hamilton Madison House, to the then New York Chinatown History Project, to the Brooklyn Children Museum, back to the now Museum of Chinese in America, and then back once again to the Hamilton Madison House. Fay story and way of telling is interesting and rich with life experiences that any variety of listeners can be sure to connect to.

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